Accountant Offers Help

Dashboard Accountants, an outsourced bookkeeping firm based in Salt Lake City, is offering small and mid size businesses an opportunity to get their accounting records cleaned up for free. The free accounting services to be provided will include organization of accounting files (via QuickBooks, Peachtree, etc.), reconciliation of bank and credit card statements, and the creation of the company’s current Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.

Eddy Hood, Dashboard Accountants’ CEO, said that his firm is opening its doors to small and mid size business owners who need help getting their finances in order. Once Hood’s firm has gotten the business owners’ accounting cleaned up and up to date, an owner can decide if he or she wants to continue using the outsourced accounting firm’s services for a low cost. Hood said he understands that many business owners are hurting right now, and that for some business owners, keeping detailed track of their numbers is not a high priority. However, that is a mistake, he asserted. Over the years he has seen how businesses that keep their financial records current and accessible make it through rough patches, in much better shape than those who let their accounting get sloppy.

“Business owners who know exactly where they are at financially, and where they are heading, are in a much better position to make smart, timely decisions about their business,” he said. For many entrepreneurs, accounting is not one of their strong points, and yet in an effort to keep overhead low, they’ll try to do it all themselves anyway. Hood contends that his clients find that it actually pays to outsource their bookkeeping, because it allows them to focus more on growing their business and makes it easier to see where cuts and expenditures are warranted. Hiring a full in-house accounting staff is not something that most small businesses can afford. Even larger companies are, “getting savvy to the benefits of outsourcing their accounting needs,” he noted.

“Unemployment rates are close to double digits, and signs of businesses cutting costs are still prevalent. Business owners are finding themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place, as they try to stretch their dollars just to stay afloat,” noted Hood. “In the pursuit of staying profitable, outsourcing accounting services has become a staple of modern business management.” For more information on the free offer, visit Bookkeeping services at, or call 801-336-5311.