Grrr-nola Bars for Dogs

Pet SnacksALL AMERICAN PET BRANDS has introduced a series of Grrr-nola bars, billed as the first meal in a bar for dogs. There are four flavors, and each is a multigrain meal in bar form. The ingredients are recommended for a heart healthy diet for dogs, and intended to help with canine obesity. Specifically, the bars are designed to facilitate a multi meal a day program to maintain proper weight, and reduce the potential for bone and joint ailments, including type II diabetes and cardiac complications.

The bars also aid in limiting the potential for bloat, while regulating the metabolic rate by reducing portion size and increasing meal frequency. Through smaller portions, a dog’s metabolic rate is evened out, limiting sugar overload and boosting energy, while supplementing the dog’s diet with antioxidants, vitamins and quality protein. The four flavors are: Grrr-nola Natural and Fido Flakes, both of which have a natural chewy protein and fiber flavor; Chewa Bunga, which has a mixed berry flavor, and Chompians, which has a bacon and egg flavor. Each comes in a single four ounce bar, or in a box of 12.

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