Inspirational Coins

Inspirational CoinsCAMDEN STREET INC. has introduced a series of pocket coins designed to inspire, motivate and help a person reach a decision. All are silver plated and about the size of a silver dollar. The “Decision” coin series is the newest and currently most popular. There are 26 different designs in the series, which is based on the flip of a coin concept. All have a brick looking backdrop, and on each is the name of the theme, with two choices on either side. Among the themes are dieting, exercise, your treat/my treat, yes/no, shop/save, do it/don’t, and some with yes on both sides and no on both sides.

The “Inspirational” series includes 24 different themes. Among them are The Serenity Prayer, “One Day at a Time,” guardian Angel and other religious motifs. The “Motivational” series encompasses 12 different themes. They address teamwork, effort, achieving goals, risk and reward. Images engraved on the coins illustrate the theme.

Coins in all three series are available loose or in clamshell packaging. The loose option sells best, because it allows consumers to handle the coins and quickly understand the principle. Under one display option, retailers can order 25 units each of the 12 best selling designs, in any of the three themes, for a total of 300 coins, along with a free acrylic displayer. The loose coins wholesale for 75 cents, and the suggested retail price ranges from $1.50 to $2.99.

The clamshell packs each contain a single coin, along with an insert card. These wholesale for $1.25, and the suggested retail price is $2.99. A clamshell display unit containing 10 units each of 12 different designs is offered for $150. It can contain any mix of designs within the three series. The company calls for a $100 minimum order, which can apply to any of the coins.

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