Relaxing Soda

Mary Jane's SodaMARY JANE’S SODA INC. has introduced, “Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda.” The antithesis of an energy drink, this non alcoholic beverage of all natural ingredients is formulated to deliver a euphoric experience that stimulates a positive mood, increases mental clarity and reduces stress. The key ingredient is Kava or ‘Awa, a root that has been used in ceremonies in the South Pacific for millennia. The roots are used to counteract stress, insomnia and anxiety. The active ingredients in this mild sedative are called kavalactones.

Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda is currently available in a cola flavor, and three additional flavors, grape, orange and ginger ale, are soon to be added to the line. It is a carbonated beverage and comes in 12 ounce bottles. It is said to reduce stress, without causing inebriation or any negative side effects.
The suggested retail pricing is four bottles for $11; 12 bottles for $29.99, or 24 bottles for $55.99. For more information on wholesale pricing and point of sale merchandising materials, including T-shirts, contact:

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