CD for Dog Anxiety

CD for dogs

CD for dogs

ALPHA RESOURCES SOLUTIONS has created the, Doggie Calmness and Security, CD. It is based on research about how dogs hear, and what relaxes them. The 48 minute CD is all about dog anxiety and stress, which often occurs when owners leave them alone. The stress can lead to constant barking and/or destructive behavior.

The research is based on the book, “Through a Dog’s Ear,” which discovered that a simple musical melody made with one or two instruments, at 50 to 70 beats per minute, truly relaxes dogs. The mid portion of this CD combines the music with a calming monotone voice. Dog owners are encouraged to talk with the dog in a similar monotone, and stroke the pet softly. The final portion of the CD consists only of the music, and the dog begins to associate the music with relaxation. This track 3 can be played on a continuous loop, if the dog gets anxious when the owner leaves the pet alone.

This is a gradual process. Owners should use the CD often at first, and they should start with short absences. The minimum order is 25 units. In that quantity, the wholesale cost is $10. The suggested retail price is $19.95.

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