Cozy Up in Style

10decProd09_1ALL FUN GIFTS introduces Cozy, a garment that resembles a cross between a robe and a blanket with sleeves, and is made of fleece. Cozy comes in a choice of 13 different designs, based overwhelmingly on popular groups or themes. One size fits all, and Cozy is designed for comfort. There is no zipper, and the wearer can have full use of both hands. There are two tie dye patterns among the 13 designs, and another based on a beer mug. It is two tone to resemble a beer glass, with froth along the top and shoulders.

Other patterns include skulls and fire, Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead, AC/DC, two based on Kiss, dancing bears, a skeleton, a hemp leaf and a Rastafarian, or Reggae design in green, yellow and red. Units are individually boxed with a plastic carrying handle so they can be taken to a sports game, or stashed in the car, as well as used at home. There is a, “feel me,” hole in the package, so potential customers can touch the fleece. Pictures of the designs are available to retailers for merchandising purposes.

There is no minimum order. Retailers can log onto the company website to obtain wholesale pricing and more product information. The wholesale cost is $13.49, and suggested retail is $29.99.

For more information, contact:

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