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SOUND & SIGHT introduces, Remote Tree, a vertical organizer for remote control units that holds up to six remotes, and makes retrieval easy at a single glance. It is made of Delrin, high tech plastic that is very strong and self lubricating, allowing it to spin easily. Remote Tree stands about eight inches high and has a 6.5 inch diameter, which makes it unobtrusive. It has a base and central post that supports two round disks. The top disk is designed with evenly spaced holes. Special hooks are affixed to the back of the remotes so they can be hung in one of the holes from the top disk. The second disk below that stabilizes the bottom of the remotes, preventing them from swaying and tipping the stand.

Remote Tree keeps up to six remotes together in one place, safe from food and liquids. Because they hang vertically facing out, they can be identified at a glance. There is a ring on top, so it can be picked up and moved easily. Remote Tree is made in the U.S. and can hold up to 200 lbs. It has a black matte finish and comes in eight parts, which snap together and are easy to assemble. It also has a lifetime warranty.

The minimum order is a case of 24 units. In an order of that quantity, the wholesale cost is $9.95. The suggested retail price is $19.95.

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