Plush Animal Hats



BUDDY TOP INC. has created a series of plush animal hats for children between the ages of about three to 12. There are currently six, “BuddyTops.” While their primary purpose is to keep kids warm, each animal also imparts a short lesson. Lilly the Dalmatian represents uniqueness, with ears of different colors and spots in odd places. Darby the Pig represents honesty, while Milton the Wolf represents sharing. Perseverance is the message touted by Benny the Bunny, and Ah Wah the Panda represents adventure. Courage is the realm of Stewart the Tiger. Additional Buddy Top animals are on the drawing board.

The hats have a high quality polyester shell and a soft inner lining. They are fully washable and durable, designed for daily use. Each comes with an individual serial number hologram that serves as proof of authenticity. The minimum order is negotiable, but typically consists of 40 to 50 units for a new buyer. The wholesale cost ranges from $7.75 to $12.50, depending on the quantity of an order. The suggested retail price is $25.

For more information:

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