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Health Bites

Health Bites

I LOVE DOGS INC. has introduced, T J’s Health Bites, a new line of canine multivitamins that carry the imprimatur of TJ, the company’s official spokesdog. T J’s Health Bites are a daily vitamin and mineral health supplement, fortified with the antioxident in decaffeinated green tea. The tablets have a taste of peanut butter. They contain a blend of essential nutrients, herbs, enzymes and amino acids. They have no artificial colorings or preservatives. The ingredients are human grade and made in the U.S., in an FDA regulated facility. The formula is veterinarian formulated, and food based for easy digestion.

I Love Dogs is known for its luxurious line of diamond dog collars. In launching T J’s Health Bites, the company has also launched a new website, www.tj.la, hosted by T J. It provides training tips, blogs, photos and more, from the perspective of a dog.

T J’s Health Bites come 90 tablets to a bottle, and the retail price is $29.99. For information on minimum orders and wholesale pricing, contact:

I Love Dogs Inc.
3043 Kashiwa Street
Torrance, CA 90505
Toll Free: 888-456-8966
Tel.: 310-539-7400
Fax: 310-539-7401
Websites: www.tj.la and www.ilovedogs.com