Three New GFD Flavors

01decProd09_1GFD IMPORTS, WILD BERRY INCENSE DISTRIBUTION, has introduced three new flavors: Fiesta Lime, Pomegranate and Pounding Surf. They are designed to capitalize on current trends, and are introduced initially in 11 inch incense sticks. Two bundles of each encompass 200 sticks and wholesale for $16. They come with a free display jar, and a retailer that takes two bundles each of all three also gets 100, two by 12 inch bags to package sticks for customers.

Typically, 10 sticks retail for $2. At that rate, the $16 wholesale investment brings a retail return of $40. These three new fragrances join the company’s current selection of 89 fragrances. A catalog with free samples is available to new retailers. In addition to 11 inch sticks, GFD Imports also makes oils, cones and four inch tall, “shorty” sticks. All are made at the company’s headquarters in Oxford, OH.

For more information:

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