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Military Lamp

Military Lamp

LIFESTYLE LIGHTING includes ten different military and armed forces designs among its more than 200 styles of touch sensor table lamps. The ten are among the most popular, and within the series, the POW design is the current best seller. There are three different Marine Corp. designs, along with one for each of the other services, including the National Guard. A related popular design focuses on Fallen Heroes, and another honors fire and rescue people.

The majority of the company’s sensor lamps are 24 inches high and come with three 15 watt candelabra style bulbs. These lamps will also accommodate 25 watt candelabra bulbs. A touch sensor on the lamp regulates current to the bulbs, which never wear out from use. The first touch initiates a third of the bulb power; a second touch adds another third, and a third touch puts the lamp on full power. The sensor lamps operate on static electricity, and the bulbs can only burn out if there’s a power shortage. Lifestyle Lighting offers a one year warranty. The military and full color armed forces emblems, like all other designs for the touch sensor lamps, are fired into the glass shades. The wholesale price for the 24 inch lamps is $15.50 to $17.50, depending on the volume of the order. Suggested retail is $45.

Some sensor lamp designs are also offered in six inch, 14 and 17 inch sizes. These utilize a single regular style bulb. They come with a 25 watt bulb, and will work with a bulb of up to 40 watts. Marine and fire fighter designs are available on some of the smaller lamps. In general, the wholesale price for the smaller units is $14, and suggested retail is about $39.

Among the many themes on this company’s sensor lamps are animals, flowers and Native American designs. The full inventory is shown on the company website, and retailers can place orders online.

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