Bright Lights From Flashing Panda

keychains-110x150FLASHING PANDA offers a Teardrop LED Keychain Flashlight that is a super rugged unit with a dual action switch; simply squeeze it for momentary use, or slide the switch for constant on. The unit is available in four colors of light, including white, green, blue and red. The body of the flashlight is black, but the switches are different colors depending on the color of the light. Some people have a specific need for different color lights. For example, pilots use a red light because it works with their night vision equipment. Of course, kids love it as a gift in all of the four colors. It is also available in two ultraviolet black light models, but those are special application items, such as for checking IDs and some chemical processes. Antique dealers use the black light models to check to see if glass is actually antique or modern.

The units are powered by two coin batteries. On regular use, these batteries could last two to three years. These lights can also be used in unconventional ways. For example, campers can hang one up in their tent and keep it on for nighttime illumination. Under this type of usage, it may last for two or three runs. “It is a very bright light,” said Flashing Panda owner, Daniel Odulo. “In fact, if you are on a dark street searching for an address, you can switch it on and read house numbers from across the lawn. It is a great personal security item for those who need to walk from their cars to their houses at night. But it is also a handy item for car, truck, and toolbox, or to keep handy as an emergency light.”

Keychain Light[/caption]

Flashing Panda sells these items on its website for a retail price of $2.95. On the wholesale section of the site, these units can be purchased in a 48 unit fishbowl. Retailers can begin to carry the product with one fishbowl of flashlights for a price of $59, which is about $1.25 each. Depending on what you wish to sell it for, the fishbowl comes with two price stickers: $1.99 and $2.99. Retailers can also buy an entire case, which is 12 fishbowls or 576 units. The price per case is $518, which is somewhat less than $1 per unit.

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