The Patent Magic Plant Will Help Sales Grow

3Dcan_Best_Wishes250By selling a product that in one fell swoop creates a tradition, beautifies the environment and offers a truly, “magic moment,” kiosk operators can have an instant winner. NSL Magic Plant, Johnson City, TN, sells beans and a rich variety of other living plants, but this living bean plant may well be the most surprising plant since Jack and the Beanstalk.

Through a patented technique, NSL Magic Plant engraves a message on a bean, places it in a growing medium within a can, and then seals the can. When the can is opened and the material is watered, the bean germinates within a few days.

When the bean germinates, a root shoots down into the growing medium to support the plant. Meanwhile, the bean itself emerges from the growing medium, out into the open air. It is on this bean that a special message is engraved, but not revealed until the plant begins to grow. The selected message could be: Hope, Love, Laugh, Get Well Soon, Best Wishes, Welcome Home, Congratulations, Good Luck, I Miss You, Welcome, Best Friends, Best Family, Thank You, Hugs N Kisses, I Love You, Friends Forever, Care, Respect, Beauty, Wisdom, Family, Honesty, Health, Dream, Patience, Freedom, Friends, Happiness, and even, Marry Me?

“We obtained patents on our Magic Plant five years ago and then proceeded to do test marketing on the project for three years, to make sure that we have the best quality control and that 99 percent of the plants will grow,” comments Erez Hadad, owner. “We started marketing the product in the U.S. only a year ago. Our Nature’s Greeting conceals and then reveals a personal message on a bean. The bean grows to a height of ten to 20 inches. The message or greeting is engraved on the beautiful plant’s central bean.”

Because the product is completely new, the company has extensive marketing tools to help the kiosk or store owner sell this exciting product. “We have many marketing tools such as posters, catalogs, video clips, and displays. This product will become a new generation of greeting cards.” Asked if this is the type of product that should be sold singly in a kiosk or in combination with other products, Hadad responds that the company has such a large line of related products that the entire kiosk should be devoted to them. For example, within its Nature’s Greeting products, the firm offers related products including special greetings for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Global and Birthday, I Love You, Ocean World, Zoo World, Insect World, and Dinosaur World.

NSL also offers a Magic Egg, which is like no other egg ever seen. As you water the egg, the beads underneath begin to expand and grow, pushing the egg upward in its bottle. Then the top of the egg cracks and a Nature’s Greeting is revealed. The company also sells a variety of a product called, Magic Plant, which could be a sunflower, zinnia, marigold, English daisy, dahlia, strawberry, pansy, morning glory, geranium, violet, Madagascar periwinkle, moss rose, verbena hybrid, carnation, impatiens, forget-me-not, dianthus, mini rose or cactus. There are also Magic Plant herbs, vegetables and trees.

Two interesting additions to the line recently have been the Magic Egg – Baby, and the I Plant 3D. With the Magic Egg – Baby, a child helps to water the top of the egg, and within three to five days, grass begins to grow on top, as if it were hair on one’s head. The I Plant 3D is a living plant that grows within a picture frame, without the addition of air or water. The backgrounds of the picture in the frame are easily changed.

“We provide five kinds of countertop displays,” explains Hadad. “We have floral displays with monitor or without monitor, and large floor displays that can carry 400 to 800 products. We have a catalog and posters, and an incredible video clip that shows the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and Nature’s Greeting. This video, which took us eight months to perfect, will catch people’s eye and stop them in their tracks at the mall. They look at the video, ask questions and then buy something.”

NSL offers two start-up options to get you going in this business. With Option #1, the retailer gets 98 Greetings in a Can, 12 Magic Plant Treasures in a Can, 24 Magic Flowers, 24 Magic Vegetables, 36 Magic Herbs, 24 Magic Trees and 12 Baby Magic Eggs. The marketing tools include one medium floor display, one video clip on DVD, two posters and 20 catalogs. The total price including shipping and handling is $795. An optional monitor-DVD player to build into the display is available for an additional $68.

With Option #2, the retailer gets 36 Greetings in a Can, 12 Magic Plant Treasures in a Can, 12 Magic Flowers, 12 Magic Vegetables, 24 Magic Herbs, 12 Magic Trees and 12 Baby Magic Eggs. The marketing tools include one medium floor display, one video clip on DVD, two posters and 20 catalogs. An optional monitor-DVD player to build into the display is available for an additional $68. The total price for Option #2, including shipping, is $395. Typically, the wholesale price on these plants is $3 to $4, and suggested retail prices range from $9 to $20. The mark up is typically 300 percent.

With 43 kiosks in operation, Hadad says that the look of the beautiful plants and the smell of the herbs draw people to the kiosk. Many who purchase plants wind up buying four of them, with various greetings for people in their lives. With so much to offer, this can be made into a year round business, rather than just seasonally focused.

For more information:
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NSL Magic Plant
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