Marketing Musts

OXFORD COMMUNICATIONS in central NJ offers five marketing resolutions for 2010 to help brands leverage industry trends and prepare for the consumerism renaissance. “For the past two years, marketing was focused on empathetic messaging and conservative spending, as consumers and businesses weathered an uncertain economic climate together,” says Oxford Communications president, John Martorana. “For 2010, marketers will use optimism and engagement as core messaging platforms to facilitate the return to consumerism.”
Oxford’s five tips:

  1. Work the Crowd: Go beyond basic ‘status updates’ and ‘tweets’ and start embracing the power of online consumer conversations. Social media needs to work in perfect harmony with more traditional marketing, engaging consumers in dialogue, offering personalized guidance and assistance, and presenting exclusive sales, promotions, contests and games. Social-on-the-go will continue to grow in popularity as Smartphone usage soars, so ensure your brand travels with consumers through dynamic mobile sites and pioneering applications.
  2. Be Bold, Take Risks: When competing for consumer attention, only brand messages that are energized, confident and risky will cut through the noise. As the economy recovers, we will hail the return of big, bold campaigns, blended with messages that appear in unexpected places. Tap all of the senses to convey the taste, texture, smell, look and feel of your brand to consumers.
  3. Harness the Power of the Screen: With ever progressive innovations in online and Smartphone technology, digital distribution channels are the new frontier of marketing. Digital marketing delivers cost effective, personalized brand messages to consumers with instantly traceable results, and thanks to increasingly sophisticated behavioral targeting, it’s an effective way to reach your audience.
  4. Be an Open Book: Brand trust will be a prerequisite to brand loyalty in 2010, as consumers question, research and compare before committing. Feed the appetite for facts and foster belief in your brand by giving shoppers details about product origin, brand stories, recommendations, craftsmanship briefs and company background. Consumers want to come to you with questions and know that you’ll give them a straight answer.
  5. Cater to a Conditioned Consumer: There will likely be a more confident consumer in 2010, but one that will continue to look for quality and value over frivolity. Always ask the question, “How is my offer going to bring value to my audience?” If you can’t clearly recognize your value proposition, you’re most likely headed in a direction that isn’t going to move your audience.