Smoker's Koozie

Smoo-ZSMOO-Z ENTERPRISES, LLC has introduced Smoo-Z(tm), “the smoker’s koozie.” It is a new innovative product designed to hold a cigarette lighter and cigarette box together in a convenient way, to help smokers eliminate the problem of searching for their lighter all the time. It is constructed of a thin, durable 2mm neoprene fabric. The elastic properties of the neoprene allow the Smoo-Z to effectively hold most size lighters and cigarette boxes.

Smoo-Z is available in Mossy Oak, camouflage, pink and black, which appeal to both male and female smokers. It is offered in a point-of-sale display container that holds 36 units and a self adhesive marketing topper. The wholesale cost is $1.80 per unit, and is $64.80 per 36 count display. The suggested retail price is $2.99. Please call for Distributor pricing, volume discounts and minimum orders.

For more information:
Smoo-Z Enterprises, LLC

1053 Chris Crossing Rd.
Woodworth, LA 17485
Tel.: 318-623-0033
Fax: 318-442-0406


  1. Christine Peterson says:

    I have had 2 of.these and given 2 away!!! Everyone loves it and oil am asked all the time where I got it. I cannot find them anywhere anymore! I am trying to get the Family Dollar store to carry them since they sell cigarettes now!
    These are great and I could use a new one but they are so expensive on the internet! Love the Mossy Oak and Pink!!!!
    You can reach me at:
    5202 La Ventura Dr E #1102
    Jacksonville, Fl. 32210
    (904) 250-1691

    Thank you,
    Christine Peterson

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