Smudge In Spray

Smudge SpraySMUDGE IN SPRAY is a smokeless alternative to burning sage to clear the air. Its creator also says that it will clear a space of negative energy, replacing it with positive energy and blessings. Inside the bottle is a blend of 100 percent pure medical grade essential oils, sacred essences and holy waters from around the world. Smoking smudge products are often used in churches and in more indigenous cultures.

Smudge in Spray wholesales for $6 for a two ounce bottle. The suggested retail price is $12. It is recommended that stores carry a tester, so that customers can appreciate the full impact of the product before they purchase it. Minimum order is eight bottles, and with that order comes a tester. Retailers can reorder any amount of product, but the company finds that after the initial eight bottle order, reorders are usually eight, 16 or 24 bottles. Although some retailers place the tester into inventory, it is suggested that the tester be kept as a tester, because the product must be fully appreciated to maximize sales and profits.

There are two ounce bottles, which works out well from the point of traveling on airlines, because the bottle can go in the little Zip Lock bag. It is also a great antibacterial spray for airlines, and for the hotel where the traveler is staying. Smudge in Spray comes in green plastic bottles with a blue label.

Besides the Smudge in Spray product, the company carries a whole line of essential oils. The essential oils come in a cobalt blue glass bottle. Two other products by The Crystal Garden are Bliss Mist and Spa Mist. These have platinum labels with black print on green bottles. Bliss Mist is to help change a person’s mood, to raise them out of depression, in order to bring more joy and an overall uplifting feeling. Spa Mist is a cleansing mist that smells like a spa. These products wholesale for $8 a bottle (minimum order of eight bottles), and have a suggested retail of $19.95.

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