Sports Purses

PursesRED24 LEATHER sports purses are made in China and have been on the market since 2005. The company carries leather football, basketball, golf, baseball, soccer, tennis and volleyball purses, that are the actual sizes of these balls, as well as a line of similar but smaller leather bags. On the smaller bags in the leather line, wholesale prices range from $35 to $40 and have a suggested retail of around $80. The standard size football bags wholesale for around $60 each and have a suggested retail of $130 plus. The original leather sports purse was made out of a real football, and converted to a purse by putting straps around it and handles on it. The company produces the football purse in about ten different color combinations today.

In 2007, the firm decided to go after the college market, but needed to create a less expensive line of sports bags. What it developed was a synthetic leather line to get the retail price points to where it needed them. It’s the R25 line, which is similar in scope to the leather line. There are also custom designs for some customers. There are also 20 different color combinations in the football, basketball as well as some baseball styles. All of these bags are event bags, and are the types of bags that you would wear to game day. Red24 says that its mission is to help answer the big question: “What do I wear to the game today?” This line has expanded into fashion totes, including argyle totes and clutches in about ten different colors. On average on the synthetic bags, the suggested retail price is $40. The average wholesale price is about $18 or $19. The baseball bag is about $20, and has a suggested retail price of $49. The baseball bag is hand stitched all the way around, and is the current top seller in the line. There is a $100 minimum order, and retailers can mix and match as they see fit. A retailer can buy one leather bag and three synthetic, for example.

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