Toothbrush Germ Fighters

Germ SprayKF INDUSTRIES is offering Toothbrush Germ Fighter and Grunge Spray Disinfectant. The Toothbrush Germ Fighter comes in one ounce bottles and furnishes 340 sprays. It is sprayed directly on your toothbrush. According to the company, the spray will kill 99.9 percent of viruses, bacteria and germs. It is said to be a great prevention for flu, germs, bacteria and viruses.

Bacteria is killed on contact, so you never need to worry that the germs will be returned to your mouth from one use to the next.  Grunge Spray is a spray for mouth guards, denture and dental prosthetics. Grunge is a sport spray disinfectant that is easy to use. A one ounce bottle contains 340 sprays and will last for an entire athletic season. The suggested retail price of these items is $8.95. There is a minimum order of one case, which contains ten bottles. The wholesale price is $5.98 a piece, or $59.80 per case. The company is making an introductory offer of $4.25 per bottle, or $42.50 for a ten bottle case.

K F also sells Grunge Spray Disinfectant and Mouth Guard Disinfectant, Binky No Stinky Spray (to disinfect baby’s pacifiers and bottle top nipples), and the germ bomb, which is disinfectant spray for large areas such as sports mats.

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