Wholesale Import Reaps Benefits of the Web

ComputerMore and more, wholesalers are finding that the majority of their business is coming from the Internet. It stands to reason, then, that a company should be proactive when it comes to this phenomenon. One of these companies is Michelle and Scott’s Wholesale Import, based out of Memphis, Tennessee.

Roughly 60 to 65 percent of Wholesale Import customers come from the web. In response to this, co-owner Scott McMillen created photos for every product for sale. He was, in fact, one of the earlier online wholesalers to do this, having to use a video camera in the days before digital still cameras were readily available. These days, visitors will find photos for every in-stock item for sale. Retailers may, in turn, use these photos free of charge.

“If an item initially comes in seven colors, and an eighth is added, we can put a photo of the eighth up on the site right away,” McMillen says. “Unless something is extremely popular and selling out quickly, the buyer can be reasonably sure that anything on the website is still available. When something sells out, we remove it.”

Registration on http://www.wholesaleimport.com/ is free, with a minimum order requirement of $50.00. This minimum can include an assortment of products, giving the retailer a way to sample products before placing a larger order.

Selling online has helped Michelle and Scott’s Wholesale Import reach out to a whole world of new customers the company never would’ve connected to otherwise. Improvements are periodically made to improve the retailer experience, which in the end is the reason for wholesaling on the Internet in the first place.

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