One-Stop Shopping for Branded Blankets

BlanketObtaining a merchandising license for a hot property can be a very valuable asset for any merchant. Among the most popular are NFL, Harley-Davidson, Disney, NCAA and NASCAR. Just one of these would make a wholesaler seem more attractive to buyers, and yet Midwestern supplier All That Jazz is one of the few companies that currently holds them all.

All That Jazz offers dresses and sheets, and has a very extensive home furnishing line with 700-800 skews. But it is within the category of blankets that the company boasts such a wide array of coveted licenses. The NFL branded blankets alone, for example, during the right season, will sell “absolutely out of this world,” says All That Jazz owner Anu Sahni.

“We have customers all over, and what we notice is that all the teams sell,” continues Sahni regarding the success of the NFL brand. “The Steelers is the most popular NFL blanket. But for example, if somebody is from Minnesota, then the Vikings are what’s selling. They’re selling other teams, but not in the same ratio. It depends on the state you’re in. If you’re in southern Ohio, the Bengals are selling well. If you’re in Northern Ohio, it’s the Browns. NCAA is the same–Ohio State sells unbelievably in Ohio. If you’re in Michigan, you’ve got Michigan State and University of Michigan. Depends on where your customer is, but luckily we have customers all over.”

In addition to the previously mentioned brands, All That Jazz is a licensed distributor for Playboy, the NBA and Major League Baseball, as well as pop culture/entertainment properties like Tupac, Scarface, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. The company prides itself on being a “one-stop shop” for branded blankets, since it is one of the few with the rights to so many sought-after legally branded goods in such a wide variety of property categories. Additionally, All That Jazz even boasts a significant selection of generic blankets featuring such popular designs as dogs/cats, yin-yang, fairies, sun/moon, etc.


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