Learn From Jewelry Websites

Does your website sell jewelry? Or are you a brick and mortar store looking to grab a bigger share of the market? If you fit either of these descriptions, you need to check out The Jeweler Website Advisory Group (jWAG) at www.jewelerwebsiteag.com. This group, headquartered in Totowa, NJ, is publishing research data about advertising and online marketing techniques related to jewelry stores, and offering training.

The website was launched earlier this year, and can be helpful for online and brick and mortar stores. The company, JewelerWebsites.com, has hosted and maintained more than 312 jewelry related websites since 2003. In tracking users since 2003, it has discovered key trends to assist in online marketing for jewelry stores.

Training at this website is available in written format as videos, and also as audio recordings. Here are the formats: written lessons are available in eBook format, PDF and standard web pages; videos are available for viewing from the website, through TiVo, or ordered as DVDs; and audio recordings will be available as MP3 downloads from the website. The website will only let one jewelry store per Zip Code participate in this education. Weekly live video Q&A training is offered to interested “students,” as part of the educational process.  The subscription costs $197 per month, and grants full access to the library of data, as well as live Q&A sessions. jWAG and JewelerWebsites.com are both owned by Psi Prime, Inc., a website programming and design firm, founded in 1994.