LED Lighted Gloves

LED gloveEnergy stingy LED lights are finding wider application everyday, and now you can add LEDs to gloves, which are great for hunters, hikers, campers, and backpackers who want to make every ounce of weight count. These LED gloves work well in all seasons, and serve the dual purpose of being both a glove and a flashlight. Two LED lights are mounted in the knuckle area on the outside of each glove. This mounting puts the light where the user needs it most: right on the task area. The pair of gloves weighs just 4.6 ounces, and looks like an ordinary pair of gloves until the user pinches the switch to shed light on the situation.

The gloves take two button batteries for each glove, and the new CR2032 Lithium Cell 3V batteries come with the gloves, and last at least 200 hours before replacement. The wholesale price is $10.90, and the minimum order is 24 pairs. The gloves come in L and XL, and come in camouflage. Other features include: microfiber insulated, wrist activated on/off pinch switch, index finger trigger opening, finger and thumb opening for fine work (tying fishing line), pull tight wrist band, textured fingertip and palm for enhanced grip.

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