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Sports framesName in the Frame offers a line of personalized prints and other accessible products that are available through the Internet. What the firm offers is access to high quality images, which can then be personalized on the spot by the retailer or kiosk. These Name in the Frame photos are often purchased by women for a hard to buy a gift man or teenage boy. Let’s say a female buyer visits the store and wants to personalize a photo featuring the Minnesota Vikings. A typical photo might be four Minnesota Vikings jerseys hanging in the locker room, with the name and number of famous players showing. Three of the jerseys have the names of players that everyone knows and loves. The fourth jersey centered in the picture receives the name of the person receiving the photo. The buyer can also pick their own number on the jersey. The name and number are entered into the computer, and within ten seconds a rendering of the final product is shown on the screen. The retailer has not purchased anything at this point, and does not until the customer is ready to buy. The crown jewels of the product line are licensed products from the NFL, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, select colleges, as well as many award winning artists.

What the retailer or kiosk owner needs is a computer, access to the Internet, and a recommended color printer that costs around $200. The nice thing is that most people in business already have these items. To get started with Name in the Frame, you need to purchase 25 units; each unit is a royalty charge for one picture. There is a royalty charge to use Name in the Frame images of $12 for one unit. When the retailer sells the first 25 Name in the Frame customers, additional units can be purchased in quantities of ten. The retailer also needs to purchase high quality 11×14 photo paper, which costs 88 cents a sheet, through a recommended company vendor. If retailers are caught short of paper supply because of high demand, they can go to Office Depot or Staples to resupply the paper.

Retailers can sell the photos in mat frames or more extensive frames. Suggested retail on these personalized prints is $39.99 to $49.99. Obviously, to increase profits on a sale, they can offer more expensive frames. Some retailers are able to turn the final sales into an $80 to $150 finished piece, with a magnificent frame.

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