Rainbow Crystals

SoilRainbow Crystal Soil is basically a super absorbent polymer, a non toxic biodegradable, that absorbs over 100 times its own weight with water, or even potpourri oil. This material is a super absorbent polymer that is similar to the material found in disposable diapers. Amazing Products LLC is selling the product as a soil replacement or soil additive. Besides a soil replacement, the material can be used as a decorative medium for weddings, parties and candles, and even as a room freshener. On the company’s website, it sells 10 gram bags of small beads in a variety of different colors, including: black, blue, clear, yellow, light green, light red, lime green, purple, white, gold and orange, for $3.99 per bag. What can one do with a mere 10 grams of the substance? Place it in water or other liquid overnight, and in the morning there will be one to two quarts of rich, colorful Rainbow Crystals to place in flowerpots or other container.

To obtain wholesale pricing, buyers must register for an account. Once the account is set up, wholesale prices will be furnished. There are volume discounts, and the minimum order is $250 plus shipping. Dealers can purchase the firm’s 10g bags, which are printed, Rainbow Crystal Soil, and have directions for use on the back. Alternatively, one pound bags of Crystal Soil can be purchased and then repacked into any size containers. The firm sells Zip Lock bags to help its dealers package other sizes of the product. Wholesale prices are automatically calculated based on volume ordered in the shopping cart, once the buyer is registered.

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