Recycled Movie Handbags

The first thing customers do when they see recycled movie film handbags is smile and say something like, “OMG,” or, “I can’t believe it,” or, “Wow, I know someone who this bag would be perfect for!” Then they spend at least several minutes, and often longer, trying to figure out what movies they recognize in the bags. This product is definitely an item that keeps folks in your store, or brings them in to see what films they might recognize. Store owners see the delight in shoppers’ faces when they recognize someone in the movie film, and ultimately they either buy the product for someone they know, “in the industry,” or a friend that is a film buff, because they see how perfect a gift it is for a particular person. They could simply purchase it because it is a unique concept that their, “recycling addict friend,” would love, and surely everyone knows someone who loves movies. According to an MPAA study, 172 million Americans went to the movies in 2009, and the number of movies they saw was 8.5. That translates into more revenue and repeat business from bringing in recycled product to sell.

Most buyers never think about recycling, and what happens to movies when they are no longer shown in theaters. Due to copyright laws, they have to be destroyed, either cut up or burned, which results in additional non-compostable waste to the landfill, or volatile toxic fumes into the atmosphere; neither one being a good ecologically safe alternative. But at a company called Deja, it has been found that there is a way to give those movies another life, either as dashingly handsome fashionable handbags, or a charmingly whimsical unisex belt, while still staying within the realms of what’s lawful and great for the environment.

Hollywood films are made using a polyester resin, and that is far from earth friendly, so the reuse of these films are good for the environment. Each film strip on the bags is backed with a clear polyester film leader. This is the material that goes around the reel before the movie starts and holds the movie onto the reel, so not only are you recycling the movie, but the protective polyester too, while creating extra durability and visibility of the movie frames when you hold it up to the light. With a little research, you can find 100′s of recycled products like these Deja bags to sell in your stores, and stand out above your competitors, while bringing the buyers back.

These film bags have only recently been launched. They could become collector’s items, due to the fact that we are moving toward digital movie making that may someday render 35mm film obsolete. At this point, people would no longer have access to these remains of movie theaters, and the bags could become both unique and valuable collector’s items.

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