Solar Light Wind Spinner

Wind SpinnerDakota Steel Art has invented a 3D Solar Light Wind Spinner that not only lights up the night, but also decorates your yard with 3D animated art during the day. Dakota Steel Art’s patent pending, Solar Light Wind Spinner is an attractive work of art by day, and a flickering light as it turns at night. The spinner wholesales for $18, and suggested retail is $36. There is a minimum $200 on the first order. DSA Wind Spinners are made of stainless steel, and carry an over the counter lifetime warranty against rusting. No other wind spinner company offers this warranty.

All DSA wind spinners carry the copyright logo, as well as having “DSA” branded onto the wind spinner, so customers can identify DSA’s outstanding quality.

For more information:
Dakota Steel Art
405 County Road 25
Mantador, ND 58058
Tel.: 701-242-7747