Zip-Zac Towels

towelsHow do you safely store your stuff when you go to the beach, pool, gym, spa, or to play golf or another sport? Zip-Zac LLC asked that same question, and answered it by coming up with a line of towels that feature a water resistant, lined corner pocket. The pocket has a nylon zipper with a “Z” puller, to keep your small personal items safe and dry; like your cell phone, Blackberry, iPod, keys or any number of other items.

The towels are available in different sizes and colors to fit the user’s every need. There is the ZIP-ZAC(r) Athletic Towel of super absorbent, 100 percent cotton terry/velour. It comes in white, and its size is 13″ x 40″. The ZIP-ZAC Beach Towel, which is a luxurious 2.2 lbs of 100 percent cotton terry/velour, comes in blue, red or green pattern, or solid white. Its size is 35″ x 64″. The ZIP-ZAC Pool/Spa Towel, a plush 100 percent cotton terry/velour, is 30″ by 54″ and comes in white. The ZIP-ZAC Golf Towel, 100 percent cotton with grommet in opposite corner, comes in blue, black or white, and sized at 15″ x 20″.

Wholesale pricing is available on orders of 24 or more. Embroidery is priced on a per order basis. All orders are shipped FOB from the firm’s warehouse in Denver, CO. Wholesale pricing on 24 beach towels is $22 per unit; for 24 athletic towels, the price per unit is $6.25; on the golf towel, it is $5.25 each, and on the spa towel the wholesale price is $16 per unit on orders of 24. All towels are made in China, with additional savings available for larger orders.

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