SalesOne: Niche Jewelry and Accessories

PiercingsIf you know of SalesOne, it’s most likely because of the company’s three most popular brands: Body Vibe, Wild Tribe and Inox. Based out of Norwalk, Connecticut, SalesOne specializes in supplying retailers with jewelry and accessories that occupy a specific niche.

For example, SalesOne designs and creates many products from scratch, using the feedback of customers as a guideline. Employing its fully integrated design, manufacturing, sales and distribution systems, SalesOne is able to stay on top of what the market wants, and provide it. The company also does this by being a presence at major jewelry events.

Founded in the summer of 2000, SalesOne currently has contracted distributors in Canada, Venezuela, Russia, Mexico and Columbia. In addition to the aforementioned successful in-house brands, the company also holds jewelry licenses for Penthouse Media Group and major sports teams. Bulk packaging and an array of packing options are also available for retailers looking to use their own label and branding. There are SalesOne offices in China and Thailand (in addition to the U.S. office), and merchandise deliveries can be made from these locations, provided customers meet the minimum order requirements.

SalesOne’s products are marketed via the website,, as well as its several additional websites built around successful brands and licenses. The company also boasts a showroom in Manhattan, which is available for sales visits and meetings.

151 Woodword Ave, Ste 1
Norwalk, CT 06854
Ph: 203-356-9077
F: 203-356-9249