Quality Handbags at Affordable Prices

Fashion-110x150The fashion handbags carried by Fashion Express U.S. come directly from manufacturers. This is the key to why the company is able to offer very competitive prices for products of such high quality.  Fashion Express also takes pride in listening to its customers, and using that feedback to continue making improvements to its products and services.  Customized needs are also not a problem. As explained on the company website, www.fashionexpressus.com, Fashion Express values its partnerships with its customers.

Bags are available in a variety of categories: hobo, totes, satchels, messenger, soft leather and others.

Fashion Express uses only carrier services that will help in minimizing shipping costs.  This is most helpful for customers who carry large quantities. Negotiable discount prices are also available for those who pre-order. The company now has independent operation for its online store, thus keeping overhead even lower. This savings can then be transferred right along to the customer.

The handbags produced by Fashion Express offer quality merchandise at a price that won’t break the bank–a welcome formula for any independent retailer. Minimum order requirements are: $100 in the continental United States (plus shipping); $150 to Puerto Rico, Alaska, or Hawaii; and $200 to Canada. Payment is accepted via Google Checkout.

Fashion Express U.S.
133 West 30 Street, Store A
New York, NY 10001
Ph: 917-463-0611
F: 917-591-9191
Website: http://www.fashionexpressus.com
Email: services@fashionexpressus.com