Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Signstore-110x150If you’ve ever seen those clever, imitation street and road signs, then you’re familiar with the popular products offered by A hot novelty item, such signs appeal to a wide range of customers, whether they be looking for something humorous, something nostalgic, or just an attractive and unique decoration.

By visiting the company’s website, one can get a full view of the wide range of signs offered to retailers. The site divides these products up into categories. Among these is road signs, which encompasses vintage-looking signs for famous roads like Route 66. There are the s-called “silly signs”, which feature funny catchphrases like “$5 Charge for Whining”, “A Clean House Is the Sign of a Broken Computer” and many more. Furthermore, the silly signs category also includes entire lines of signs devoted to beer and golf-related catchphrases. Also, the “street sign” category offers realistic-looking street sign replicas with real street names, as well as more light-hearted names.

The California-based company offers free product displays for orders totaling 100 or more units in the silly signs category, with free shipping for any order of 100 or more. To qualify for wholesale discounts, a retailer only need order 20 or more items, which can be mixed and matched. Those who register for an account on have the ability to print out a price list. does not share it customer information with anyone. For all orders, there is a 7-day money-back refund policy.

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