UK Bike Manufacturer Partners with Independent Retailers in US

BikeThe popular British bicycle maker Giant has worked out a plan to branch out into the United States, and independent retailers look to potentially benefit from the move. The manufacturing company already boasts a network of branded stores in the United Kingdom, each owned independently by retailers working directly with them.

So far, Giant’s US expansion will consist of two stores, one in Boston, Massachusetts and one in Denver, Colorado. The Boston store will be owned and operated by Giant itself–a first for the company–but the Denver operation will be owned and run by an independent retail partner, just like Giant’s UK affiliates.

“These new store models will substantially help us become a better retail support company to our entire dealer network. We’ll learn how to best provide for our retailers by walking those same miles,” said Giant general manager Elysa Walk. “We’ll learn how to best provide for our retailers by walking those same miles.”

As part of its continued US expansion, Giant is looking to partner with more independent retailers in opening further stores like the one in Denver. Giant’s original UK network of bicycle stores includes shops in Twickenham, Cambridge, Liverpool and Bristol.