Business Assessment Tool

Why do so many businesses fail? For one thing, too many entrepreneurs get all their advice from people who know everything about being encouraging, and nothing about what it takes to start a successful business., a leading information site for helping new business owners develop small business plans, headquartered in San Diego, CA, has released an online assessment tool that provides an in-depth and highly personalized analysis of one’s business idea.

The assessment walks the business owner through 32 questions about their business. The questionnaire focuses on the founder’s experience and steps they have taken to plan for the business. There are no questions about trade secrets or proprietary financial information. After completing the Business Analysis Profile, as it’s called, the participant receives a customized report, approximately 20 pages in length, by email.

Jim DeLapa, president of Great Business Plans, developer of the assessment, spoke about the need for such a product. “We wanted to give future business owners a fast, easy, inexpensive way to get objective feedback before they put their life’s savings on the line.” The Business Analysis Report and Assessment is available online for a cost of $49, and includes a money back guarantee.

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