Designer Chain Lighters

LightersDesigned by Manuel, Detroit, MI based MJJ Design is introducing a silver plated, “chain lighter,” into the market, which is both beautiful and functional. Its serpentine style chain allows the lighter to be worn by the owner, and attaches to vest, belt loop, handbag, or even a piece of apparel. While the chain lighter works as a lighter, it also has a knife, nail file and scissors.

The wholesale price for the lighter is $20, with further reductions on volume orders. The suggested retail is about $40. There are two different styles of chain. One chain comes with the lighter and is included in the wholesale price. A heavier chain is available for an additional $5 wholesale. The lighter comes in an elegant box.

A second product available from M.J.J. Design is a lighter “sleeve” on a chain. The lighter sleeve holds a disposable lighter or a refillable lighter, and fits snugly into the sleeve. The attached chain allows the lighter to be worn like M.J.J. Design’s flagship product. The sleeve wholesales for $10, and the suggested retail is $19.95. M.J.J. Design also offers Limited Edition T-shirts and caps with the “MJJ” design on them. The T-shirts wholesale for $15, and the caps for $10. The firm offers medium, large and XL sizes.

For more information:
M.J.J. Design LLC
11685 Longacre St.
Detroit, MI 48227-1130