Losing Ad Bucks?

Search for any local business on Google; for example, “Hair Salon Las Vegas,” or, “Masonry Las Vegas,” and you will see a map with several business listings on top of the organic results. These listings get the best spot on the page, are free, and you don’t even need a website to get listed there, according to Ryan McManigal, Google Optimization Specialist, Link Acquisitions Inc., Las Vegas, NV.

However, the majority of these listings lay unclaimed by their owners, often have incomplete information, and many have wrong or disconnected phone numbers associated with them. This leaves potential customers with no other choice but to find someone else. This situation is mostly due to people not knowing they were given a free business listing, and they are blissfully unaware that they are leaving a lot of potential business on the table. Many will be surprised by the amount of people that use Google to find local businesses this way. To put it into perspective, 22,200 people searched, “Dentist Las Vegas,” in January 2010 alone, which leads many to wonder how much free advertising they might be missing out on.

Local business owners would be wise to claim their local listing, making sure all their information is correct, add some photos, and more details about their business. By doing so, it helps boost their listing higher than their unclaimed competitors, and also helps with conversions. Go to www.google.com and key in Local Business Center page. Once there, go to, “Add a New Business,” and add your business. Once you fill in all your business’s details, you will be able to upload photos and videos, specify categories, payment options, business hours and much more.