Low Cost POS System

Cashier Live, a company based in Chicago, is offering new software to help independent retailers weather the current economic storm by providing tools that help decrease costs and increase sales. Cashier Live offers a complete point of sale (POS) package, with HP rp3000 hardware. Independent retailers often must face harsh economic realities, and one of the decisions they have to make is how to take advantage of technology to best operate their store. While the benefits of a computerized point of sale system are clear, it’s hard for a small business owner just starting out to justify an upfront expense of over $5,000.

Cashier Live offers independent retailers a solution by providing a low cost point of sale system that is subscription based, so costs are spread out over time. Independent retailers may check out this system by visiting www.cashierlive.com.

For more information:
Cashier Live
330 W. Erie #220
Chicago, IL 60654
Tel.: 773-714-1441
Email: thomas.greenhaw@novalibra.com
Website: www.cashierlive.com