More Profits With Pop-Ups

For the independent retailer who wants to grab bigger profits next holiday season, consider a pop-up store! That’s right, a store that pops up virtually out of nowhere, serves customers for a defined period of time, and then disappears. The pop-up is a win win for retailers of all sizes, because they are able to skim the cream of the market at the holiday season, and for landlords who might have that space sitting empty when it could be rented for at least a short period of time.

Capitalizing on the fast growing trend of pop-up real estate, PopUpInsider is offering the first ever national online exchange dedicated to helping landlords and retailers adapt to the new marketplace by utilizing pop-up shops. The company’s website,, creates an efficient and simple to use online resource for finding and leasing temporary space, and offers a comprehensive array of consulting services for opening a pop-up store.

In an environment where retailers are hurting and much commercial space sits vacant, PopUpInsider represents the cutting edge of real estate, providing a unique service to match commercial landlords who have available space with retailers seeking a temporary home. By facilitating pop-up shops, PopUpInsider helps building owners produce cash flow and improve their vacant space, and helps retailers generate quick sales, build brand awareness, and test new locations and products without a long term lease commitment.

Christina Norsig, a retail, technology and marketing expert and Eric Michael Anton, an investment sales professional with more than $4 billion in real estate transactions, joined forces to found PopUpInsider.

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