Onboard and Security Signs

Dog SignsKC Creations Inc. has a new line of “On Board” and “Security” signs, featuring dog breeds, to celebrate man’s best friend. These new signs, made of yellow polyethylene, are 4 inches by 4 inches and are displayed on the diagonal with the help of a suction cup. The “On Board” signs will typically be displayed in car windows, and the “Security” signs in homes or apartments. There will be over 100 dogs featured in these signs. The wholesale price for both new lines is $1.50 per unit, and suggested retail is $4. There is no minimum order. However, for orders over a certain size, a free 144 piece rack is available. Call KC Creations for specifics.

KC Creations also offers a line of crossing signs, which it calls “X-ing” signs. These X-ing signs have a wholesale of $2 per unit and a suggested retail of $4 to $6. The X-ing signs feature over 100 dog breeds. However, there is a mix of other animals available in this format, such as alligators, bears, cows, and more. There is also a spinning rack available.

The company offers starter packages but retailers need to call for details. Unlike some animal signs that are in silhouette, all of KC Creations signs are careful pen and ink drawings. These signs sell well in traditional outlets like pet shops, but KC Creations reports that a lot of signs are sold at various fairs around the country. Naturally, signs like, Tiger X-ing, sell well at the zoo. These new signs will be introduced at the HH Backer Pet Industry show in Baltimore on April 23rd to 25th, at Booth 913, operated by Animal Accents.

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