Shoppers Want Coupons

Independent retailers know more than anyone that consumers are demanding more and more value before they lay out their dollars for merchandise. But according to Livonia, MI based RedPlum (, a coupon provider, demand for printed coupons increased greatly from 2009 to 2010. It says that secure coupon prints from its website increased six fold, from January 2009 to January 2010. Further, the average value of each coupon was $3.

“Today’s shoppers don’t leave the house without their coupons, and they don’t seek savings in just one place or from one media source,” says Brian Costello, General Manager and Vice President of RedPlum Network. “They are strategic in their shopping and continue to turn to websites for not only coupons, but also for coupon codes. They are driven by savings like never before.”

Costello points out that midweek (Tuesday through Thursday) appears to be the most popular days for online deal seekers. This is the time RedPlum delivers its Shared Mail package to more than 100 million shoppers through their mailbox, with inserts and offers, which may spur online deal seeking. He also notes that the most coupon prints are consistently at the end of the second and fourth weeks of each month.