Credit Cards to Heaven

rosary-110x150Rosary beads are among the most cherished devotional items for Roman Catholics. And yet, unfortunately, they aren’t very durable. Rosaries come apart. That’s where Iconeum’s unique rosary cards come in. A rosary card is made of plastic, as durable as any credit card. It fits in your wallet, for the ultimate portable convenience. It’s an item that is quickly becoming popular with the devout. Iconeum owner Jerry Cwiklik even recalls fondly how, at trade shows, it’s not uncommon to hear nuns jokingly refer to the rosary cards as “credit cards to Heaven.”

Iconeum is the exclusive distributor of rosary cards in the United States, deriving them from a company in Europe, which holds the patent and also distributes them in Germany and France. Appearing like a credit card in size, rosary cards feature the image of a saint on the front side, and there are 60 choices currently available. On the back, the rosary itself is featured in the form of raised bumps, like Braille. There is a minimum order of 500 cards for customized images, but there is no minimum for cards in the standard catalog.

Specializing in Catholic/religious jewelry, Iconeum focuses on two things: Rosaries, and religious bracelets. The company carries 300 different kinds of rosaries, with an average wholesale price ranging from $5.25 to $6.00. Suggested retail price is $10.50 to $12.00. The minimum order size is $100 for the total order.

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