Buzz Wire Bomb

Wallace and Gromit Buzz Wire Bomb game

Wallace and Gromit Buzz Wire Bomb game

The Wallace and Gromit Buzz Wire Bomb game, from Wild Creations, is not a game for the timid. Players are challenged to move the games’ handheld wire loop around an electrically charged wire without contacting the two.

Contacting the two wires will produce a “buzz” sound, signaling failure. Occasionally, however, contact with the wire will cause the game’s balloon to pop. Patented gearing means the balloon could burst on the first or the 21st contact with the wire, so the question is not if, but when, keeping all players on the edge of their chairs.

The game challenges players’ dexterity and patience and most important, their nerve. Buzz Wire Bomb is great for all ages. The wholesale price is $17.35, and suggested retail is $34.99. There is a minimum order of six units.

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