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M&M Screen Cleaners

M&M Screen Cleaners

From EB Brands comes the practical but playful M&M’S(r) Chamois Computer Screen Cleaners that bring color, warmth and a note of personal expression to the office, plus TLC to one of the user’s most important office tools. The Computer Screen Cleaners’ blended polyfiber/beanbag filling lets them pose atop the computer monitor or CPU, or sit comfortably on the desk, waiting for the owner to use it. And their ultra soft chamoiscloth back panels gently lift dirt and smudges from the computer screen, without the need for caustic sprays and without scratching.

The chamois even has a light static pull that actually attracts dust and other minute particles from the computer. Easy to maneuver and usable again and again, just a quick wipe improves the user’s view. The Computer Screen Cleaners come in one size, in an array of vivid colors, including blue, green, orange, red and yellow. The wholesale price is $5 per unit, and suggested retail is $10 per unit. EB Brands has a minimum wholesale order of $150.

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