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Health Strips

Apple-A-Day Edible Strips are a simple solution to increase daily well being and good health, according to Health Essist, Inc. The Strips are a vitamin, herb and mineral dietary supplement that contain all natural ingredients, including vitamins. They are dissolved on the tongue, one of the most porous organs in the body. This eliminates the use of drinks or pills to achieve similar effects. The Apple-A-Day Edible strip contains all natural ingredients, including Vitamin C and Echinacea, plus other proprietary blends. The company says this is an easy way to gain some of the benefits obtained by eating an apple.

The products comes in two sizes: a six pack that contains a six day supply, and a 24 pack for a one month’s supply. The product has a five year shelf life and is Kosher approved. The wholesale price on the six pack is $3.66 per unit, and the 24 pack wholesales for $8.92 per unit. Minimum order of the six pack is a minimum counter top display of 24, and the minimum order for the 24 pack is a minimum 24 per master carton.

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