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Gold Bangles

Gold Bangles

JK Gold Filled Jewelry specializes in Gold Filled Jewelry, Bangles, Indian Bangles, Gold Filled Tricolor Bangles and more. Among its most popular products are the Brass Tricolor Bangle 10 mm, 6 mm, and the Brass Gold Bangle 6 mm. The Gold Filled Indian Bangle is extremely popular all across the U.S. Whether jewelry retailers buy gold filled jewelry from Brazil, Germany, Korea or anywhere else, they definitely keep the Indian Bangles in stock.

Wholesale prices on the gold filled jewelry line depend on size and quality. Each of the bracelets has six sizes. For example, the Brass Tricolor Bangle 6 mm goes from baby size to adult size. Wholesale pricing on the Brass Tricolor Bangle 10 mm is around $15 to $16 per dozen. The Brass Tricolor Bangle 6 mm has a wholesale of around $11 per dozen, depending on size, and the Brass Gold Bangles 6 mm wholesale for around $9 per dozen. The retailer sets his own retail price, but on one retail website, the company pointed out that the Brass Tricolor Bangle 10 mm retails for $28 per unit. Minimum order is $300, and the company, for a limited time, is offering a sample box of bracelets for $99, which includes eight to ten dozen bangle bracelets of various sizes.

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