New Tech Creates Hot Products

Links Marketing, Flanders, NJ, has applied new technologies to solve old problems that could well result in two red hot products, perfect for retailers in 2010. The first product, in which the firm was a pioneer, is the electronic cigarette, according to Mark Anton, president of Links Marketing, LLC, a sales, manufacturing and retail organization. “Last year, we decided to spin off our electronic cigarette into its own entity called, What A Smoke LLC, to focus strictly on the electronic cigarette industry. Ever since, we have been manufacturing electronic cigarettes and distributing them throughout the U.S.,” he said.

What A Smoke was created to allow smokers a way to do it in today’s society. “Because there are so many issues involved with traditional cigarettes,” Anton noted, “we felt it was incumbent upon us to come up with a line of electronic cigarettes that could substitute for the traditional cigarette, and be used in places where people are not able to use cigarettes today.” The electronic cigarette, in its simplest form, creates a water vapor with some nicotine in it that allows the smoker to experience “smoking,” similar to the way he has in the past. But the smoker draws in no tars, and creates no second hand smoke to bother others. Further, they are not breaking any of the anti-smoking laws, because they are inhaling water vapor, not smoke.

What A Smoke offers three different kits. One contains both a red and blue LED. If one were to use this kit in a bar, for example, he would do so with the blue LED, which creates a blue light at the end of the e-cigarette. That way, the bartender and patrons will not get annoyed that the user has lit a traditional cigarette, which is against the law almost everywhere today. That smoker can put in the red LED, when he smokes in private.

Here are What A Smoke’s kits:
• The Optimum kit, which is the premium kit, includes one rechargeable lithium battery with a red LED, one rechargeable lithium battery with a blue LED (for use in public), one atomizer, ten replacement cartridges, charging block with power cord, and carrying case. The kit provides 2,000 puffs. Call for pricing information.
• The Maveric kit includes one rechargeable lithium battery with a red LED, one atomizer, one USB charger and wall adapter, two replacement cartridges, two replacement cartridges with built in atomizers, and paper carrying box. The kit provides 1,000 puffs. Call for pricing.
• The Freedom kit is a disposable kit that has one battery and one cartridge with a built in atomizer, with approximately 300 puffs. This kit gives the What A Smoke customer the ability to smoke when they are going out, but not make the commitment to switch over to this type of smoking.

The company says that the Freedom electronic cigarette sells for under $10.

“These products,” explained Anton, “have no carcinogens like a regular cigarette, which has up to 4,000 carcinogens and chemicals in it. These e-cigarettes have a cleaner smoke to them, they are sweeter, cooler, and they do not give the user a harsh throat.” There are very small levels of nicotine in the vapor, according to Anton. The nicotine levels are not anywhere near the same level that one gets in a traditional cigarette, to get the same effect. This is because the traditional cigarette requires “tar” to deliver the nicotine through the user’s lungs. That is, the nicotine will not be absorbed into the user’s bloodstream, except through the lung capillaries. High doses of nicotine mix with the tar that sits in the lungs, until some of it is absorbed.

“With the electronic cigarette, since it is a water vapor, it is readily accepted into the smoker’s mucous membranes, which line his mouth, throat, esophagus, and lungs, suggested Anton. “Therefore, any nicotine on this mucous tissue gets absorbed and goes into the bloodstream. It is a quicker response, and the smoker needs a lot less nicotine.” Electronic cigarettes cost less than the traditional smoke. “It costs about $2.50 to purchase the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes,” said Anton. “If a pack of cigarettes costs $4.50, you are saving $2 per pack. In some states where cigarettes cost $7.50 a pack, you could be saving $5 per pack. It is a dramatic cost saving. If you are a pack a day in that high tax state, you save $35 a week. That’s $140 a month.”

What A Smoke offers different flavors, including traditional tobacco flavor, menthol, vanilla, strawberry, apple, coffee, and chocolate. Anton stressed that these tastes are geared toward the adult, not minors. In fact, these products are never sold to minors. “These products are intended to be used by a current smoker, not a non-smoker,” he asserted. What A Smoke is spreading across the country. “We are currently in cities like Atlanta and Wichita, Kansas, and opening up in the mid Atlantic states as well. We are making a big push to become the premiere kiosk vendor for the electronic cigarette, and are talking about an entire kiosk with just this product. The product has its highest closure rate if it is demonstrated,” Anton said. “We offer kiosk operators marketing materials, videos and that sort of thing. If they want a looped type of commercial, they can get that too.”

If Links Marketing’s What A Smoke product will go a long way to reduce problems between smokers and non-smokers in society, its second product may well help many people have more stamina and energy. Links Marketing is introducing its LINKS FOR LIFE pendant and watch, which is a new technology that unites the ideologies of ancient Eastern medicine and the benefits of advanced scientific research. LINKS FOR LIFE Technology has been tested on thousands of people with amazing results. People felt stronger and better balanced after using the product. In an independent test, over 540 people were administered strength and balance tests. Only two subjects reported no difference. Sixty-seven percent reported increased strength by more than 50 percent, as well as being 50 percent more balanced. The remaining test subjects reported noticing increases in strength and balance from 15 to 50 percent.

The concept that is central to Eastern medicine is an internal substance that the Chinese call, “Qi” (pronounced “chee”). Anton noted that in the west, we describe this as bioelectric energy. Similarly, “western” scientists have found that each human body has a common natural electrical frequency. The two concepts are married into the belief that when the electric frequency of the human body drops, or is compromised by the electromagnetic pollution that we are all subjected to in today’s society, one’s health and well being are at risk. Therefore, when a specific energy is introduced to the body, which subtly raises the frequency and brings it back to a healthy level, many benefits are realized, including pain relief from:
• Arthritis
• Fibromyalgia
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Restless Leg Syndrome
• Hip and other joint pain

In addition to feeling a reduction of pain from these and many other sources, the wearers of the LINKS FOR LIFE Technology also report dramatic increases in strength, balance, more focused energy and improved performance in a variety of sports; cheerleading, gymnastics, football, baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, and the list goes on. Links Marketing does not claim that the band is a miracle cure for anything; it has been tested on all ages, and proven effective to overcome the immediate effects of electromagnetic pollution in all walks of life. The company said that every living being has an electric frequency that occurs naturally throughout their body. This frequency is what allows us to function: our immune system, our strength, balance, and every other basic utility operates in direct correlation with this electric frequency. However, the comforts and necessities of today’s society (cell phones, computers, microwave towers etc.) are emitting electromagnetic pollution at an alarming rate. This pollution continuously compromises our bodies’ frequency, which not only reduces its capability to heal and defend itself, but diminishes one’s strength, balance and energy.

Links Marketing concludes that the answer to combating electromagnetic pollution is to subtly raise the body’s electric frequency, which allows it to operate at its optimum potential. This is done by introducing a healthy and increased frequency to the system, through the LINKS FOR LIFE Technology. The band itself contains a specific alloy metal that has been permanently imprinted with the exact frequencies of a healthy human body. As soon as the metal is in close proximity with the skin, the body recognizes the frequencies and immediately carries it throughout.

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