Ouchi Paw

Ouchie Paw

Ouchie Paw

Summit Sensations is out to protect your pooch’s paws. The company’s blend of natural waxes and butters in Ouchi Paw will soothe your dog’s feet, even when you have been working them hard on rough terrain. Ouchi Paw is a balm, and will help protect your pet’s paws in all conditions, from hot pavement to salty winter slush. It creates an invisible shield that does not wash off, but gets walked off, and does not leave paws greasy or slick. The paw balm also helps relieve bites, sores, and minor burns on ears and skin. This nontoxic, long lasting formula is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types.

The wholesale price for the 1.5 ounce tin of Ouchi Paw is $5.10 per unit, and the suggested retail price is $8.50. The two ounce twist up is $6.60 wholesale, and $10.99 suggested retail. The minimum is $200 for the first order and $100 for any additional orders.

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