Smoking Pillars

Incense Burners

Incense Burners

Aurora’s Imports offers Smoking Pillars incense burners that are available in soapstone, metal, ceramic and wood, and are probably the most enjoyable way to burn incense. The units open up from the base, which are separate from the tower of the unit. Up to five sticks of incense are stuck into the base, then the tower is put back in place, and the smoke comes out of the top. The company has eight Smoking Pillars available, including the Ceramic Smoking Pillar, an Antique Silver Smoking Pillar (12 inches), Soapstone Smoking Pillar (hexagonal), a round Soapstone Smoking Pillar, Wood Smoking Pillar 2, Wood Star Pillar, and an Octagonal Wood Pillar.

Wholesale pricing is as follows: the wooden units are $4.95 per unit, Soapstone, $8.50 to $9 per unit, metal, $3.50 per unit, and ceramic is $5.95 per unit. Aurora’s carries a large variety of incense burners, along with the most popular scents of incense sticks and cones. The company’s minimum order is $50. Orders over $250 may qualify for a discount.

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