Solar Clip-On Fan

Clip-On Fan

Clip-On Fan

Vishun Quest Enterprises has several products to keep your customers cool on a hot, sunny day. There is the Vishun Quest Solar Clip-On Fan that clips onto any brim of any hat, and operates off of the energy of the sun. The wholesale price of solar clip-on fan is $3.55 per unit, and this includes an in-store display that holds 12 to 16 units. The suggested retail price is $9.99 to $12.99, and the minimum order is 24 units. Vishun Quest also has a Solar Fan Cap that can be worn outdoors in the sun, or indoors as well. This unit is solar powered and battery backup powered. It operates off of two AA batteries when the user leaves the sun for the indoors, and has the fan operating. The wholesale on this product is $12.50 per unit, and suggested retail is $29.99. The minimum order is 12 units.

A third product to keep customers cool is the Vishun Quest Straw Hat With Built-In Fan. This fan works off the energy of the sun or the backup AA batteries. The straw hat design with a wider brim keeps the sun out of the user’s face. Then the built-in fan gives the user that extra air to keep cool on a warm day. With the backup AA batteries, the unit can be used indoors as well. The wholesale on this unit is $11.50 and suggested retail is $24.99. The minimum on the straw hat is 12 units.

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