Sunglasses with Camera

American Eastern Traders introduces the I-Kam Xtreme Sunglasses with Camera. The highly stylish sunglasses feature a video camera and mic for recording, and are lightweight and designed to fit comfortably. The glasses come with three sets of interchangeable lenses, including clear, dark polarized and colored polarized. The unit can record up to three hours, with built-in memory, and memory is expandable through a microSD slot. The video and audio are DVD quality, and the camera works well in low-light situations.

The camera itself is three megapixels, and has a built-in wide angle lens, and is extraordinarily versatile. It can be used while riding on the open road, hunting, and fishing, and trade show buyers use it for an audio and visual record of merchandise at shows. The unit connects to a PC with USB cable, and no special hardware is needed. There is four GB of internal memory, and up to eight GB of memory can be added. Besides the interchangeable lenses, the unit comes packaged with an AC charger, USB cable, lens cleaner cloth and carrying case.

The sunglasses and camera come in two colors, black and camouflage. The black unit wholesales for $135 and retails for $169.99 to $199.99. The camouflage model wholesales for $140 and has a suggested retail of $174.99 to $204.99. There is no minimum order, and volume discounts are available for 36 units or more.

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