HealthRockers Launches National Campaign

Health Rockers, Inc. has just launched its national multimedia campaign, “Fantasy,” that includes the famous springs of the Nature Coast of Florida. The production utilized the springs to take its characters out of their everyday routine and submerge them into an underwater fantasy. “With our new campaign, we wanted to illustrate how our product can help blur the lines between reality and fantasy. The LovRub family of sexual enhancement products are made from only natural ingredients, that when combined, take the experience to a whole new level,” says Teri Amato, CEO of Health Rockers.

Lubricants have been on the market for many years. The Health Rockers/LovRub product line is both a lubricant and stimulant. It touts its distinction in the marketplace by being made from natural ingredients. An advocate for all-natural products, with previous experience in Nutraceuticals, Amato rejected the idea of the chemical, methyl salicylate, which is used in many lubricants as its warming agent, and has negative compounding side effects. Not only has Amato stimulated the consumer naturally, but retailers have jumped on to the full line.

The Health Rockers campaign has been seen on national television for the last two years, and the new campaign has just launched. Produced by Synergy3, the production was shot at the springs with underwater talent and edited in New York. Florida businesses were on hand to support the production.
Health Rockers, Inc. is a Floral Park, NY based manufacturing company with laboratories in Texas, and fulfillment and warehousing in Long Island, NY.

Established in 2008, the company grew from the objectives of its CEO, Teri Amato, who prior to developing this natural line of sexual enhancement products, operated a Nutraceuticals company for fifteen years. Ms Amato is a visionary who’s goal is to make the relationship between partners extremely satisfying, while keeping all of her ingredients natural. The line is called, LovRub Products, which includes LovRub for Him; LovRub for Her; RubLov massage gel; LipLov stimulating balm; Body Dessert in chocolate and cherry flavors; and LovRubbers condoms. All of the LovRub products are made from natural ingredients.

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