Pajama Warmer

Pajama Warmers

Pajama Warmers

Reasor Products introduces its Pajama Warmer, a temperature controlled electric warming fleece bag that heats socks, pajamas, towels, lingerie, gloves, baby clothes, lotions, and more. Within ten to fifteen minutes, the items placed inside it are a comfortably warm temperature. The Pajama Warmer was invented when company founder, Lance Reasor, decided to create a more efficient way to warm pajamas. He wanted to help out a friend who warmed her pajamas by a wood stove every night before putting them on, because she was always cold. The innovation won a Bronze Medal Award at the 2007 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart in Taipei, Japan.

The company suggests that this product makes an excellent gift for the person who is always cold, especially elderly men and woman. “When I tell women about the Pajama Warmer, they always say how much they want one,” says Reasor, “and we find that it’s an especially hot holiday and birthday gift item, and is also popular as a Valentine’s and Mother’s Day gift.” In addition to the usual uses, people even buy them to keep laptop computers warm in their car, and to warm plates in the kitchen, according to the company.

Reasor Products also produces a Baby Clothing Warmer, also good for blankets, diapers, towels and wipes. In addition, Reasor makes a camouflage version of the Pajama Warmer for the outdoor sportsperson and hunting and fishing enthusiast. Inquiries regarding wholesale ordering or drop shipment are welcome. Pajama Warmers sell at retail for $39.95. The company will be glad to discuss wholesale pricing and incentive packages with buyers.

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